Donation to N.E. Aquarium

Thu, 01/10/2019 - 4:00pm

The following was sent in by reader Jessica Willi:

Over Christmas break, the Willi family had the opportunity to visit the New England Aquarium. 

Abigail had held a Bake Sale Fundraiser in December and chose the New England Aquarium as the recipient of monies raised. Abigail chose New England Aquarium based on its Sea Animal Rehabilitation projects done through the Anderson Cabot Center.  The Aquarium was very thankful for Abigail, who turned over a check for more than $800. 

Abigail had the opportunity to meet Dr. John Mandelman, who is the Vice President of the Aquarium, as well as the Vice President and Chief Scientist of the Anderson Cabot Center. Dr. Mandelman spent about 30 minutes with us and impressed on us how sometimes things that seem like small gestures can, in the grand scheme of things, have a snowball effect. He was familiar with Block Island and our surrounding sea life and applauded the conservation efforts of the community.

Great thanks to the Block Island community for supporting Abigail's fundraising efforts.