Driving the future and the past

Thu, 07/22/2021 - 5:15pm

On Wednesday, July 28, from 4 to 5 p.m. on the front lawn of the Harbor Church, there will be the first ever Block Island Electric Vehicles and Antique Auto Show.

All are welcome to come and browse fun vehicles from the past as well as learn more about electric vehicles, the wave of the future. No entrance charge
and all comers will receive an EV bumper sticker.
Come and see the brand new Ford MACH-E, also known as the electric Mustang. Talk to a sales rep and maybe buy it on the spot. A big thank you to Flood Ford for providing this amazing vehicle for viewing.
See electric vehicles that call Block Island home and discuss their performance with their owners.

See a sampling of the many antiques that live on BI – cars I mean.
Test ride an electric bike or two.
And, see a brand new, red hot, hot red Tesla and watch it do its many tricks, and more.

Mark your calendar. Don’t miss this event – you will get a “charge” out of it, and get really “amp”ed up. Nothing like the “current” to lead us into the future. And anyone who can come up with cornier lines than these will get a free travel cup. Who can have “resistance” to that offer?

Electric vehicles make sense on Block Island (and elsewhere, too). On the island, the cost of operation is about equivalent to gasoline, but they are about 70 percent less polluting. Limitations in range (though rapidly being rendered irrelevant in general) are essentially a non-factor on our island. Repairs are also reduced by an estimated 70 percent due to so few moving parts. So come and learn what it feels like to own and drive an electric vehicle.
All electric vehicle and antique car owners are welcome to display their vehicles. All exhibitors will receive a thank-you Solar Initiative travel mug.
Just contact me at pappas.anthony@gmail.com or Ian at itm001@bucknell.edu.