From the Editor

Mon, 01/13/2014 - 3:00pm

It has been almost a year since I was introduced to the island, and the island was introduced to me. It’s been a year of much learning, a situation I don’t expect to change very much in the months and even years ahead. I am grateful to everyone who continues to take the time to speak with me about their concerns. I want to personally thank the many, many people who have offered their guidance and friendship during the past year.

As I made my way through my first spring, summer and fall, I did not see the need to change too dramatically the way the newspaper covers the town. It was a matter of getting my feet steady, and understanding the issues as best I could without taking on too much that was new or different. We’ve had some changes in writers, and in our columnists, and our look has been tweaked, but hopefully we’ve kept our eye on the ball. I hear from some of you when we don’t do our best, and I don’t want that to change.

That said, my goal for 2014 is a little bit different. I would like to hear different voices in the paper. I would like to hear from more young people; the people who are emerging as leaders in civic, economic and environmental endeavors here on Block Island. I want to lessen our overreliance on “official” voices — our elected and appointed officials — and hear more from those who are impacted by the decisions being made. This is not to be taken that what our civic leaders have to say is unimportant, but the vast majority of you who live here are neither political nor activist, but your opinion about what happens is essential.

One other thing I’d like to do is initiate a regularly scheduled coffee hour here at the office, perhaps once a month, and invite the public in to discuss whatever issues people feel are important. We have meetings among ourselves about what should warrant our attention, but we need to cast a wider net for this discussion.

When we firm up the details of how and when this will happen, we will post them on our social media sites and in the paper.

I hope that in 2014 we will continue to improve our coverage of this unique and vital place and that, most importantly, we can do it together. — Lars Trodson