Editorial: A hopeful start

Sun, 10/20/2013 - 2:00pm

On Tuesday night the Town Council, at its invitation, held a joint meeting with the Tourism Council and the Chamber of Commerce. The topic was a list of concerns identified by the latter two groups to improve the environment for tourism.

The meeting was positive, productive and encouraging. It is an example of how things can work for mutual benefit and the public good.

The Tourism Council and Chamber were both well represented with staff and board members. They were well prepared with materials documenting facts about the importance of tourism for our economy and the different and critical roles both play in the process.

The members of the Town Council were congenial, engaged and responsive. The town manager was treated with courtesy by all and responded to questions with useful information.

The event featured an informative discussion and a conversation about potential solutions. There were no grand decisions reached, but certainly a productive dialogue demonstrated the potential for progress.

At the suggestion of Councilor Norris Pike, the council committed to try to find funds to deal with two urgent priorities — trash pickup downtown and maintenance of public bathroom facilities. It is a beginning and an important first step.

More importantly, it signals the potential benefits of cooperation and communication.  Kudos to everyone involved. Let’s keep it moving.