Editorial: Summer wishes, summer dreams

Mon, 09/09/2013 - 2:00pm

Three things tell us that summer is coming to a close: Labor Day, the emptying streets and the return to school. One can argue that the season still has a couple of weeks to go, but if you’re sitting in a classroom looking at the nice weather through a window, you know that argument is never really going to fly. Our experience tells us that summer ends when the school bells ring.

Here at The Block Island Times, we’re planning on taking a look back on how everything went this year. But a couple of things come to mind right off the bat. The weather was variable. July was so hot and muggy at times it felt like August, and August has been so crisp and clear it’s felt like a prelude to September. We’ll now see what the fall has to offer.

We heard a lot of sirens this year, or so it seemed, so we’ll be asking the Rescue Service and the Health Center how their seasons went. There were a couple of terrible accidents, but the season seemed to pass smoothly, for the most part, and the local shops, restaurants and hotels seemingly enjoyed a robust summer. We’ll be looking back at that, too.

Another thing we noticed was the tangle of confusion at the ferry dock when too many cars were trying to either get on or off the boat. Maybe we should see if anything can be done to help better the flow of traffic as new visitors come to the island with their vehicles.

There have been a couple of squabbles this summer. A new summertime ferry has been proposed between Quonset Point and Block Island, sparking the beginnings of a regulatory battle. Two questions immediately arise: How many more people can the island comfortably accommodate, and shouldn’t there be, since we live in a free market society, competition between businesses to provide consumers with a choice?

These questions are not as readily answered as they may seem, and we’ll continue to investigate to see if there are appropriate solutions.

For the past couple of years we looked at the approach of summer with some hesitation, given the big beach blowout of 2011. But that is fading into memory, and we’ll take some time during the off-season to look at what went right and what we can do better so that we can greet the 2014 season with both optimism and goodwill.