Fall sailing for island kids

Fri, 10/08/2021 - 7:30am

They are a little young for TIkToK. But not Tack Jibe.
In fact, if you are in grades two through five, it’s the perfect time to learn the “ropes” and jargon of sailing, and get outside on the water in what looks to be a wicked-fun addition to the fall sports scene being run out of the Block Island Club on the Great Salt
Pond off Corn Neck Road.
Subsidized by the Block Island Yacht Club, and operated under the able direction of experienced island sailing instructors Chloe and Cally Weber, the new sailing program is an opportunity to get one’s feet wet in learning a sport that can last a life-time, while introducing one to a new foreign language.

Windward, leeward, spar, keel, clew, tell-tale, ...and how to read the wind... like that sixth sense isn’t ingrained into every Block Islander. The 11 kids who have signed on are out for 90 minutes every Monday and Wednesday afternoon and are having a boatload of fun.
According to Chloe Weber: “The kids are learning on a fleet of Topaz Taz, a ten-foot boat designed to introduce even the smallest new sailors to the excitement of sailing, safely. It’s important at this young age to gain confidence and get comfortable
on the water, and when you learn by doing in a boat this size it sticks with you.”

The 90-minute sessions are held Monday and Wednesday after school (subject to weather and high school volleyball games) for six weeks at the subsidized cost of $110. Participants late to the fun can still sign up weekly for $30 and are encouraged to join. To sign-up or learn more, call 378- 5027 before the boats fill up.