Farmers Market to begin season at Solviken Property

Mon, 06/22/2020 - 10:45am

“The first market is on Saturday, June 27, and is going to be at the Solviken property — the slice of land next The Beachead,” said Farmers Market Coordinator Meg Vitacco.

Vitacco spoke with The Block Island Times this week, addressing updates to the upcoming Block Island Farmers Market season, including locations for the markets.

Vitacco said the Solviken property will be used for the first four markets, adding “We don’t know how many [market dates will be at Solviken] because it’s contingent on the West Side Road project… we hope to move back to Legion Park in mid July,” depending on when the Westside Road sidewalk construction is complete. 

In the past, the Farmers Markets were held at The Spring House on Wednesdays, and at Legion Park on Saturdays from June to October, with the capacity level of vendors originally standing at 50 for Legion Park, and 30 for The Spring House. The first few markets at the Solviken property will be food and produce vendors only.

“We hope to have about 25 vendors once we move to Legion Park. We will start at Solviken with 15,” said Vitacco.

The Solviken property includes two lots totaling an acre of land between Harbor Pond and the inset of Crescent Beach on Corn Neck Road.

“At Solviken, we are asking people to try to bike ride or walk to the market, if they can, to avoid parking congestion. Obviously, no parking on the dunes… I think it’s important if people have the ability to bike or walk to the market that they do so. The markets aren’t going to be as social as they were. You’re not going there to chat and hang out with your friends. You have to go there with a purpose. Because of how small the market is going to be, we will have to have some sort of traffic flow,” said Vitacco.

Masks must be worn at all times, social distancing protocols to be practiced, and no food or drink will be consumed on the premises.

The first market will be held at the Solviken property on Saturday, June 27. The market will be open from 9 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.

“Once we move to Legion Park, we will be at Legion for the remainder of the season – for Saturdays and Wednesdays. Our Spring House location does not allow for adequate social distancing, which is why we have chosen to keep both markets at Legion Park for the season,” said Vitacco.

“We are making every effort to take the precautions necessary for the safety of our vendors and customers, and we hope to see you at the market soon,” concluded Vitacco.

For more information on the upcoming markets, email Farmers Market Coordinator Meg Vitacco at