Featured House: Gulbrandsen Farmhouse

Sun, 03/02/2014 - 4:42pm

Even on a bitingly cold day, with flurries in the air, Peder Gulbrandsen’s farmhouse on Grace’s Cove Road is unavoidably charming. The two-story home sits on top of a hill and the view from every direction is spectacular. From the deck in the backyard, the tip of Montauk and its tiny spike of a lighthouse is visible, as well as the expanse of the Connecticut shoreline. From the front, the island’s gently rolling hills, bordered by old stonewalls, can be seen, as well as the Great Salt Pond and a sliver of the Atlantic. The wide open spaces that make Block Island so famous and unique are clearly evident from the view.

At night, sweeping vistas of stars and stunning sunsets in the early evening only add to the beautiful setting.

The main house was built about 1830 and renovated — maintaining its old-school charm with contemporary flourishes — in 2012. Stone steps lead up to the main door. The seven rooms (with three bedrooms) are small but well-lighted, some with stylish light fixtures. New doors have been installed with an unassuming farmhouse look: heavy wood and glass doorknobs.

The house has a total of 1,679 square feet. The kitchen has been completely redone, with top of the line appliances, zinc countertops, a small pantry and wet bar just off the family room. There is a full, modern bath on the first floor and a half bath on the second. All the plumbing and pipes are new.

On the 3.4 acre lot there is also a detached one-bedroom rustic cottage with a fieldstone foundation (just like the house), that is about 308 square feet, with a small kitchen. The kitchen has a four-burner gas stove, counter space, sink and refrigerator, and was built around 1920 and redone in the 1980s. There is also a small toolshed on the property.

The Gulbrandsen home is listed at $2.2 million. For more information, call Sullivan Real Estate at (401) 466-5521.