Featured Letter: Time for a change on Block Island

Fri, 11/01/2013 - 3:03pm

To the Editor:

I thought you would appreciate this. Thirty years ago, Block Island was talking about the mopeds on Weldon’s Way and they’re still talking about them. Look at the dates of this article.

Just goes to show you for 34 years we’re still talking about the same thing. I imagine if you told the same joke over and over again, it would be pretty annoying. It really is time for a change on Block Island.

You can keep the preservation, which we all support, but it’s time to modernize the Beach Pavilion, bathroom facilities and try to penetrate the brain powers on Block Island that we need the tourists. Tourists are not the enemy. The enemy is talking about the same thing for 34 years with no resolution.

Politicians on the island remind me of someone with a speech impediment. They just stutter.

Jerry Zarella

Corn Neck Road