Featured Property: Black Rock Cottage

Seaside home overlooking the majestic Mohegan Bluffs
Wed, 02/27/2013 - 4:04pm

"See, hear and smell the ocean,” beckons this private, quiet property off Snake Hole Road.

Once small and in disrepair, Black Rock Cottage was moved away from crumbling cliffs in 2004. At that same time, it was remodeled into a two-story winterized family beach home and redesigned to embrace breathtaking views of a Block Island landmark icon, the Mohegan Bluffs.

“The Mohegan Bluffs are just gorgeous,” said property owner Sam Rogers.

At night, the sound of waves battering cliffs and ebbing back out to sea can lull even the most restless of inhabitants to sleep.

But on a summer’s day, the salty air is mixed with sounds of children playing. Sam’s four children and eight grandchildren visit every week in July, and the kids can be seen kicking balls over the lush lawn where they play soccer or croquet.

“They love Snake Hole Road because it’s so bumpy,” Sam said with a laugh. “The road is not well traveled, so you don’t have to watch out with the kids. It’s a great family place.”

Sam said that beach excursions are common, especially to the ever-so-close Mohegan Bluffs. While the house overlooks the bluffs, the long steps down to them are just a short bike ride or walk away.

And when the family is done taking a bike excursion, spending all day in the sun and heading back up the 100-plus steps that lead to the bluffs, a little relaxation is in order.

Sand rinses off in an outdoor shower that faces the seascape, and food is grilled outdoors, ready to be enjoyed as the family kicks back on the home’s outdoor decks.

“We have sliding doors to all bedrooms and the living room,” said Sam. “We spend a lot of time outside. The sunsets are beautiful — it’s great to sit out there and be so close to the water.”

And for dessert, Sam’s daughter Jennifer Trapani said that the family will head back into town for an ice cream treat.

The outdoors-loving group even has a little bit of the outside brought inside, with a fireplace original to the home. But it’s not any ordinary fireplace — it’s made out of stones from local beaches, particularly the Mohegan Bluffs, that were collected by a previous owner’s children.

Much of the house, however, is new, with large windows in every room for gazing at the seas, a second floor where there was once just a rickety ladder, and a building foundation where before, the cottage sat on pilings.

“Redoing the house was really a great time for us,” said Sam, “because we had to do a lot of re-zoning. We learned all about local government.”

The addition of the second floor provides ample bedroom space for the youngsters to spread out and relax, said Jennifer.

The kitchen is also remodeled, with new appliances perfect for cooking a summer meal.

“Our favorite was the night we got steamers,” said Jennifer, “and had the girls barbecue chicken.”

And on the sill of the kitchen window sits eight tiny Adirondack chair figurines, representing Sam’s eight grandchildren.

Right outside, those children frolic around, enjoying the carefree Block Island beach life.

Black Rock Cottage is listed at $899,000. For information, call Phillips Real Estate at 401-466-8806 or visit www.phillipsonbi.com.