Featured Property: A family house on Center Road

Wed, 09/04/2013 - 2:00pm

“We’d take off our shoes, and that was the end of shoes for the summer,” reminisced Jeremy Roll of her childhood summers spent on Block Island, which she said were all about biking (barefoot, presumably) and heading down to Payne’s Dock to read comic books.

Roll was just a baby when her parents moved to Block Island, and she summered here. And as an adult, she returned to this childhood home, located on Center Road, and has lived on the island year-round for the past 10 years.

“It’s a very charming house that has that old Block Island feel about it. Everyone just loves it,” said Roll.

Inside, the house is brimming with warmth. Roll’s dad, an artist, filled the place with his artwork. The entire home seems to be a piece of artwork, with a palette of cheery colors that range from brilliant reds, to deep ocean blues, to sunny yellows.

“There’s lots of sunshine at all times of the day,” said Roll, who estimated that there are 40 windows throughout the home.

The house is perfect for curling up with a book in the reading nook in the living room, while another member of the family plays piano. “There was always lots of family around — it was always just a happy place to be,” remembered Roll.

Roll’s family gatherings took place in the form of dinner parties in the large kitchen and dining room, and outdoors in the form of croquet and Wiffleball games during the day and bonfires at night.

The lush lawn is perfect for such outdoors activities, with a backdrop of a flourishing vegetable garden and several large trees. Also in the yard are two other buildings: a studio built by Roll’s father as a place to create his art, and a small cottage that was used for additional family accommodations.

When Roll was a child, living in the small cottage was a “privilege” given to the oldest kid living on-island each summer. “I have four older brothers and sisters,” she explained. “When it finally got through the family and I was the only one left, that was exciting.”

She still loves the calm feeling about the property, which although near the road, still has a “quiet atmosphere” to it.

“I love just sitting on the front porch every morning,” said Roll, noting that the stone terrace out front is made from Block Island beach stones. “I sit out there with my coffee, and enjoy the beautiful solitude.”

There are water views that can be seen from the front porch, as well as in the backyard and from the upstairs bedrooms. But if the views aren’t enough, the beach is just a quick trip away.

“I love to take walks,” said Roll. “I walk to the harbor and I go for walks on the beach.”

Spending summers on the island, said Roll, life was carefree and fun, and it’s time that the house return to a family again. “I think the house is good for a family.”

As a sign displayed above the reading nook in the house says: “I’m in a Block Island state of mind.” That Block Island state of mind is one of family gatherings, beautiful views and relaxation.

The property is listed at $1,490,000. Call Gustave White/Sotheby’s at (401) 207-3921 or visit www.gustavewhite.com