Featured trail – Clay Head

Fri, 04/09/2021 - 2:45pm

There is a long, bumpy dirt road off of Corn Neck Road that will lead you to a small parking lot that is usually overflowing with cars and bikes in the summer. This is the entrance to the Clay Head Nature Preserve, or, more commonly known as “The Maze.”
This scenic trail system spans about 190 acres on the northeast side of the island. It was donated to The Nature Conservancy and the Block Island Conservancy by the Lapham family so that everyone can enjoy its beauty. If they had sold it instead, you would see a row of houses overlooking the Clay Head bluffs. So, if you come across a cute farmhouse with blue trim below the infamous field of daffodils, please be respectful!
Once you begin your walk, on either of the two trails at the parking lot, you will find a beautiful rocky beach about one-third of the way down. At low tide, you can walk all the way to the North Light from here, or go south, and you can get all the way back to town if you please. If you want to keep hiking, you can follow the main trail along the tops of the bluffs, or take a side trail to explore deeper into the maze. If you get lucky, one of these trails may lead you to the field of daffodils. You will also see the big, “blue stone” on top of the hill.
Don’t forget to pack sunscreen and a water bottle, and maybe even a picnic if you plan on exploring. It is very possible to hike, or get lost, for hours.
And don’t forget to keep your eyes peeled for a glass float!