Final sunset

Fri, 11/18/2022 - 4:15pm

To the Editor,
On Sunday, November 6, an amazing friend of ours and Block Island resident, Bob Rule, passed away. He was a fast friend, confidant, and in some ways a Guardian Angel of sorts.
This picture that we took, of the Cezanne-like sunset, was taken in Bob’s backyard on Block Island and it somehow symbolized a ‘final’ sunset with an almost foreboding beauty. We’ve taken many pictures of sunsets from there, always stunning no matter the time of year. Little did we know that when that picture was taken, it would be the last such sunset in the company of our friend.
Bob did not die alone. Neither did he pass in pain. And he transitioned in his favorite place on earth, Block Island, where he was a keeper of island lore, and marveled at the simplest aspects of the nature
there, particularly prizing walks along the beaches.
Our deepest appreciation for the immediate, professional, kind, and diligent attention provided to Bob by the Block Island EMTs, the Block Island Medical Center, and Officer Doug Borden. Everyone
involved did their utmost attending Bob and in a very caring manner.
And he was a continuous conversationalist. On walks for example – anywhere – if he spied a Cornell emblem a stranger was wearing, Bob would engage them in tales of his lacrosse years there as athlete
and coach, and in a charming, disarming way. If he hiked a national park trail, or entered a museum, you could be certain that each-and-every landmark was studied for its historical roots, and then he’d share what he learned (even if you didn’t want to hear it). He loved to travel, explore, discover, and to meet new people. He loved life and reveled in the infinite, humble conversations with people from any walk of life.
He was a fascinating man and there is too much to write here about his athleticism, career, and exploits. Suffice it to say that he was a man of duty, pious and generous, caring, curious, and steadfast, with a great sense of humor, and deep knowledge of history and many other subjects.
We will miss his bright outlook on life, his guidance and advice, and we thank him for all the time, commitment, wisdom, laughs, and love he always afforded his friends and family.
Slán go fóill (‘Bye for now), Bob.

Concepta McNamara
and Steve DeWaters
Needham, Mass.