Fire and rescue training

Tue, 11/20/2018 - 5:30pm

On the weekend of Nov. 10, 24 members of the Block Island Volunteer Fire and Rescue Department participated in a four-day rope rescue training course. The Department hosted Technical Rescue Consultants, LLC Jeff Matthews and Eric Depoto from Charlotte, North Carolina and Nick Chiappetta from Riverside, Conn. 

The crew became proficient in anchoring systems, mechanical advantage systems and patient packaging, before going out into the field to practice lowering and rappelling crews and hauling patients up the bluffs. This was an excellent skill refresher for the senior members and a very informative interactive course for new members.

Thank you to Kirk Littlefield, Beth Rousseau, and Lisa Sprague for feeding the crew all weekend. And thank you to Bess Eaton of Westerly, Rhode Island for flying over some special treats for the crew on Saturday. — Kate McConville. Photos courtesy Chief Gemmp and Meaghan Hobe