Fishing report: Full Moon Victory

Tue, 08/12/2014 - 4:03pm

August is a good month for fishing on Block Island.

The warmer waters bring in more bait, such as squid and sand eels, which in turn bring in the fish. In addition to bait, this is the time of year that we start to keep an eye out for the bonito and false albacore. Both fish are in the tuna family and, if you’ve ever caught one, you’d know how exciting it is to have one of these on your line. They fight hard! The full moon this past week brought very high and low tides, as well as fish that were caught in spots all around the island.

Fishing from boat has been consistent in the last week. Matt King of Hula Charters reported that because of the full moon this week, the striped bass fishing picked up in the south and southwest. The strong tides mean that you have to use heavy weights with your eels to get them down deep enough. Eels have been working best lately while drifting, but you can also use an assortment of top water lures to attract the bass to the surface. The bluefish are still around, but not in the great numbers that they were last week. Bill Gould of G Willie Makit Charters said that trolling tube and worm have been very productive as well, on the south side of the island and in deeper waters. On the south side, as well, the fluke fishing picked back up in 70 to 90 feet of water. Bucktails with gulp alive baits have worked very well, as have squid strips. Other than in the south, I’ve received good reports from the rip at the north point, as well as off of Clayhead Beach for both bottom fish and bass.

After a slower week last week at the Coast Guard Channel, the Block Island Fishing Academy reported good numbers in both fluke and scup. The most important thing about fishing in the channel is having a running tide. Time of day is less important as long as the water is running in either direction. The fish tend to feed into the tide, so if the tide is coming into the pond, fishing towards the inside of the channel is better. At sunset, the bass have been very active on the west side of the island, right as the sun hits the horizon. Poppers are good to use on surface while there is still some light on the water, and after you can use some swimmers or bait. Mansion Beach has also been very productive lately. In the mornings there are good size scup being caught with squid, as well as large stripers in the evenings.

This past week was Victory Week in Rhode Island, and thanks to the full moon, the fishing was a victory as well!