Fishing Report: Fluke and porgies, bass and blues

Thu, 07/02/2015 - 9:15am

For all the surfcasters, the bite on the shore scene has been consistent with multiple species now bending the rods of those fishing. In fact, it’s been the best surf fishing for June in a few years.  Both fluke and porgies have joined the bass and blues. Most of the fluke are in the 14- to 16-inch class, and need to be released as the size limit on fluke is 18 inches, but there have been some keepers landed. As usual for this time of year, the Coast Guard Channel is producing fluke and porgies by day, and bass and blues at night. The surf zone all around the island has good bass in the waves. As far as where to fish — now that the season is underway, where there’s water, one can expect to find fish. One just needs to put in their time getting lines wet. The bait around the island consists of sand eels in the 3.5- to 4-inch size and lots of squid. You can get your fresh squid at just about any dock since the harbor is loaded with them. These fresh squid make great bait and even better dinner. If using squid for fluke bait, cut it into thinner strips, this seems to get more strikes over than thick cut pieces.

Boat fishing has been getting better every day. State record-holder Peter Vican weighed in a 52-pound 7 ounce bass caught at night eeling. School-size bluefin tuna have made an appearance in the offshore scene around the island. The run to find them can be from five to 25 miles out and trolling seems to be the most effective method, but dropping jigs has taken a few fish. Shark fishing has also taken an upturn about 20 miles south of the Island. So if the bluefin aren’t around, stop and shark fish.

The 2nd Annual Block Island Bluefish Derby is underway. This six-week contest is open to anyone — whether you are here for a day, the week, or the summer, and runs from June 27 to Aug. 8. The Bluefish Derby offers quality weekly prizes from Penn Fishing for each of the adult and junior divisions. Grand prizes for the longest bluefish are awarded and the end of the Derby. Registration is available at Block Island Fishworks; the $40 fee includes a t-shirt and benefits the Block Island Early Learning Center.

Lure of the week: The Needlefish

Block Island surfcasters have historically favored the iconic needlefish-style lure. Several lure makers turn these out, all with subtle differences. These lures are long and narrow and are fished very slowly, mimicking any number of the stripers' prey. One local plug maker, Al Lemire, turns a version, which is awesome in its own right. The most popular brand is Super Strike by Steve Musso.  Popular colors around the Island include ‘parrot’, yellow over white, and transparent green. Success with these lures is mostly had at night, fished by raising the rod sharply up, and dropping slowly while reeling. Visit any tackle shop and they’re sure to have these in stock.

Catch em up!