Fishing Report: Getting better everyday

Sat, 05/30/2015 - 1:30pm

There is a particular feeling in the air. Everyone can sense the relief of a long winter finally gone. Warmer temperatures are taking their time getting to the island, but we are seeing them finally rise. This excitement is probably even more intense for all those itching to go fishing. I have been getting more and more positive reports of fish around the island. With the arrival of the sand eels, we know that the bigger fish will be chasing them around the shores.

As in most years, the first fish caught have been from the southwest corner of the island up the entire west side. Fish making their way up the Block Island Sound usually come to feed on the baitfish all along the West Side first, before they make their way around the island.

Over the last week, the Coast Guard Channel has been the most active for the shore fishermen. Fluke fishing is really picking up during the day. Most will use a simple fluke rig with either squid or clams for bait. If you make your way down to the channel for fluke, it’s also a good idea to hop over to the backside onto Charleston Beach and fish near the jetty, because fluke will often feed there as well. As the sun sets, the bass and bluefish will make their way in. I have had good reports of both fish being caught using either sluggos or other sand eel type imitations. On West Beach, a few sizable blitzes of bluefish were spotted right near shore as the sun started to set.

Boat fishing on the West Side this past week has mostly been focused on fluke. Jigging either fluke rigs or bucktails in 40 to 80 feet of water has been working. The reports have been really good for this time of year, which is promising because last year’s spring fluke were not nearly as good. For those going for stripers off the boat, it would be good to use small- to medium-sized swimmers, as well as top water during the day. It’s still a little early in the season to start using eels, but probably in the next week or two you will see people start trying them out.

There are already some squid in the sound, but they haven’t made their way in close quite yet. Once they do, that’s when you’ll really see the bass fishing take off.

The season is very young, but there is a lot to get excited about. It’s not too early to dust off that reel and get it ready for a great 2015 season!