Fred Benson gets a new bench

Thu, 08/08/2019 - 5:00pm

The original bench honoring islander Fred Benson had seen better days.

Located in front of the building in Bridge Gate Square that is home to the Bagel Shop, Ballard Hall Real Estate, Washington Trust and The Block Island Times, the old bench finally collapsed and had to be hauled away by the staff at the Highways Department. (That bench had been purchased by Doug Holmes.)

Washington Trust Bank Manager Barbara MacMullan made sure the plank that had Benson’s plaque on it was saved. Gail Hall didn’t like the void, so she commissioned Chris Phelan of Dock B.I., a furniture making company, to build a new one, which he did. The new bench is back in place, outside below the space where Benson had an office years ago. — Lars Trodson