Fred Benson Pavilion work to begin next week

Fri, 10/20/2017 - 9:15am

The Fred Benson Beach Pavilion is finally going to be renovated. 

Town Facilities Manager Sam Bird said he met with Mill City Construction this past week to discuss the project. Mill City Construction, the Lincoln-based contractor hired to do the the renovation work, will be on-site next week, he said.

The project is expected to be completed in late April, said Bird. 

Bird said that during construction “the south parking lot, and access to the (Town Beach) around the south end of the building, will be kept open.” As for the north parking lot, Bird said he has given Mill City Construction “access to it.” but they won’t utilize “much of it at all. Maybe just part of it for material storage and several trucks.”

Mill City Construction bid $843,585 to win the project. 

Bird called Mill City Construction “responsive and responsible” at a recent Town Council meeting. He has described the pavilion renovation project a “light rehab,” and said that the town has $940,000 available to fund the renovations, with $140,000 in a contingency fund.

The work will gut existing bathrooms and changing rooms, while leaving the exterior walls of the pavilion in place. There will be new bathrooms and shower stalls, renovations to the kitchen area, and a new plumbing system. The building has been cleared out so that the contractor can begin work.

Mill Pond Bridge

Renovations of the Mill Pond Bridge are gearing up and expected to begin before November. That’s according to Highways Supervisor Mike Shea, who told The Times that, “The bridge work should start before Nov. 1 and be completed before May 15. If we have good weather this winter it could be completed well before May 15. The road will be shut down at the bridge throughout construction. Town Hall will not be affected by the shut down and residents on the west side of the bridge will at all times have access to their driveways.” 

J.H. Lynch and Sons, the subcontractor that was involved with installation of National Grid’s sea2shore cable, was unanimously approved by the Town Council to conduct renovations of the historic Mill Pond Bridge at the Council’s Sept. 25 meeting. Lynch submitted a bid of $695,920, the lowest of three bids.

The work will cost a total of $821,126. Finance Director Amy Land said the difference between the contractor’s cost and the total project cost will go toward various non-construction items, such as administration costs, permitting, etc.