Friends of Byron Marin

Thu, 10/21/2021 - 3:45pm

Friends and Block Island
Family Members,
It saddens us to inform you that Byron Marin’s time in the United States is potentially coming to an end. He has been on Block Island since 2007. Byron has been a hard-working, sweet, kind, and contributing member of our community for a long time. He dutifully cleans houses and businesses,
putting in long hours. In addition to that, Byron is also the sous chef at Winfield’s, working alongside the head chef preparing signature favorites six nights a week. He does this with passion and it warms his heart to know that his work makes people happy. To many, these jobs would seem an adequate contribution to our island community, but Byron does even more. During the school year, he is the kitchen manager/ chef at the Block Island School. It is comforting for families to know that it is Byron serving our school children. Byron is a caring soul, quiet, funny, friendly, and the
school kids adore him. Byron has worked very hard and has become an intricate part of our community. He and his family (wife, Nancy and sweet, smiley 2 1/2 year-old Logan) are a gift to our community. Help us keep them a part of our island family.
His lawyer has asked that anyone who could vouch for Byron’s character and contribution do so in the form of a letter by November 5, 2021. Please help us to keep Byron and his family here with us and a part of our wonderful community. Please mail letters to:
Byron Marin
378 High Street
PO Box 986
BI, RI 02807

With much appreciation,
Byron’s family and friends at Winfield’s, Kittens, and Los Gatitos