In full swing

Fri, 06/12/2015 - 11:45am

Spring fishing on Block Island is officially in full swing.

The sand eels are bringing in all of the common fish that we see this time of year. We haven’t seen much squid yet, but that’s pretty normal seeing as the winter was so long and cold. If you have been out fishing in the last week or so, you have probably seen the dredging boat at the Coast Guard Channel. Fishermen out here know that when they start dredging, it typically brings in the fish because they feed on all the sand worms and other things that get churned up in the process.

It’s been slower this week fishing from boat. Fewer people went out, mostly due to it being fairly breezy out there. Capt. Matt King of Hula Charters reported decreased numbers in fluke mostly due to the dogfish, which seem to have taken over some of the fluke grounds. Striper fishing is still pretty constant, but the fish are on the smaller side still, which is normal for this time of year. Capt. Bill Gould of G Willie Makit Charters has had three successful bass trips so far averaging 9 keeper bass per trip, fishing mostly southeast and southwest points of the island. Both captains also reported that codfish are still around in the deeper water.

From shore it’s been all about the west side of the island so far. Fish show up there first, and when the bait increases is when they start making their way around the whole island. As I mentioned before, the dredging boat should definitely be helping out the fishing in the channel, especially for the fluke. Fluke fishing is done mostly using either strips of squid or clams, but you can also use bucktails, if you prefer jigging. The stripers and bluefish have mostly been caught towards the evening, but a few bluefish blitzes have been spotted mid-day off of West Beach. Since the fish are chasing mostly sand eels right now, it’s good to use something that mimics them such as mid-sized swimmers or sluggos. Top water lures will work well in low light situations such as sunrise or sunset.

It won’t be much longer before the squid show up to our shores and the fishing really takes off. There is plenty of fishing around the island right now and it will only get better with the arrival of more bait. Stick to the west side of the island for now, and you should do just fine!

Oh, and Happy Birthday, dad!