Funds needed for matching grant

Tue, 11/20/2018 - 5:45pm

The Old Harbor Task Force will be launching a campaign to raise about $12,000 needed to match $39,935 recently awarded to the town as part of the state’s Main Street grant program. The monies will be used for upgrades to the Nicholas Ball Park, located just across from the statue of Rebecca.

“We’ll be sending out a season’s greetings this week,” said OHTF Chair Margie Comings. The mailers will be sent to island Post Office boxes first, with the mainland addresses going out in the second wave sometime in early December.

“We’re going to put in a number of improvements,” said Comings. “Sidewalks, steps and a railing, a cement game table for checkers and chess. There was one in the park originally — we’re going back to our roots. We’re going to put in a water bottle filling station, which will be expensive, and new fencing, also an expensive item. There will be a bike rack.”

Comings said the park will be weeded and the old plantings replaced, although the old trees will remain.

Comings said she hopes to get the money raised and the upgrades started in late winter or early spring of 2019. She said she was almost finished with the permitting process.

“Thank you for your past support,” Comings writes in the upcoming letter. “The OHTF is asking all our friends, visitors, and neighbors to donate towards the ongoing upkeep of our parks and for our part of the Main Street matching grant. Donation checks should be made out to the Town of New Shoreham - OHTF, and mailed to Old Harbor Task Froce, PO Box 1697, Block Island, R.I. 02807. Our projects are funded through your donations and are tax deductible.”

Any further questions can be sent to Comings by email at