General Store on High Street has new owners

Thu, 10/11/2018 - 4:30pm

Big plans, little steps.

That’s the approach the Savoie/Stinnett families are taking as they assume management of the Block island Health and General Store — also known as The Pharmacy — on High Street. Long-time owners Ben and Toube Wohl have leased the store out to the two families.

Abra Savoie and her daughter Kara Stinnett — who is employed at the Post Office and also serves on the Water and Sewer Committees — were in the store the other day tackling a variety of chores when they took a moment to talk about what their goals are for the location. The first thing is that the store will be open for the winter, which the Wohls opted not to do last year. Their target opening date is the weekend of Oct. 19-20.

When asked what got them started on this journey, Kara looked at her mom and said, “You were looking for something to do” when they realized that taking over the store was a possibility. Savoie said she simply emailed the Wohls and asked if they would like to talk, and a deal was made. They have essentially bought the inventory and the name. 

Since the store primarily stocks summertime items, they are in the process of switching that out and will be replacing it with inventory for the holidays, starting with Halloween. As time moves on, they hope to offer coffee, and staples such as bread, milk and snacks.

“We’re trying to make an alternative so people don’t have to go into town,” said Stinnett, particularly in the summertime.

They’ll keep selling lottery tickets, and will be bringing back the Western Union service that helps those who do not have bank accounts to transfer funds. They’ll be offering Notary Public services, and the DVDs will still be for rent.

Hours will be from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. The phone is (401) 466-5852.