Grid conducting EMF survey

At Town Beach
Tue, 02/28/2017 - 3:45pm

National Grid officials assembled at the Town Beach today to begin conducting a survey of the electromagnetic field of its 30-megawatt sea2shore submarine cable. The cable needs to be addressed after it was discovered that it was only buried at a depth of three to four feet instead of the required six-feet during installation in June of 2016. The cable connects the island to the mainland, and is associated with the Block Island Wind Farm project.

National Grid Engineer David Campilii told The Block Island Times that the jet plow, the machine used to bury the cable at a six-foot burial depth encountered a rocky seabed while bringing the cable ashore. As a consequence, the cable was not buried at the appropriate depth. The Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management and Coastal Resources Management Council requested that an electromagnetic field survey be conducted in order to take measures to protect the cable and the public.

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