Happy Valen-Times Day

Thu, 02/11/2021 - 5:45pm

My lovely Mermaid
yes we are a million miles apart.
You stole my heart
Not a day goes by I’m not thinking of you and
our Block Island love that has stayed so true.
In my heart, love The Fisherman 


Geoffrey L:
Roses are red, Violets are blue,
Mr. Wonderful, We love you!!
Love and Thank You, Mom and Dad 


Malcolm and Nancy
Walker Greenaway
Celebrated 50 years married on 8/30/20
and as residents of Block Island
The Donovans BI-6 1974 


Gone – Not to fish. Left her heart
like a broken dish. The best to him
she does wish. It’s been so long.
Siren sings her song. Maybe
he will be back someday for visit
if not to stay. She looks along the
shore for the Fisherman once more
Truth prevailed before that ship
had sailed. Our connection derailed
contact between us suddenly failed
still wish that he will fish for me
Return from the Sea. Listen for her
call. She wants him Most of All
– Anonymous


Happy Valentine’s Day
Jack, Sam & Henry! We love you!
Mommy & Daddy


Wishing my sweet, Jason Pezzullo
A happy Saint Valentine’s Day. I love you
and I love Block Island, especially with you.
Love, Anastasia Custer 


Roses are red
Violets are blue
My love for you
Will always be true
You have given us a son
He’s our number one
But our journey
Has just begun
Adventures will keep going
Never ending, never slowing
The older we get
The more love we share
Oh how do I love
Your beautiful red hair
But no matter what
Together we will be
Our little happy family


To my wonderful husband,
Brad BootsI’m so very proud of you for everything you do.
Although some days are better than others,
just remember: what you’re doing has purpose
and you are making so many people proud,
amazed and happy simply by being you;
a devoted, dedicated and hard working man,
father and husband.
We all love and appreciate you!
-L. Boots 


Haiku for Peter
Building a new house
Supporting my horse crazies
My love forever


You know who you areTwo hopeful people casting out to sea
If you catch a striper, I’ll get the wine
And that will make for a Happy Valentine’s!


You are my North, South, East and West.
You are my everything today and always.


Happy Valentine’s Day,
you know who you are! 


folding to her
my mind when restless rests in her
whose love at rest is never still,
if time has touched her, I defer
for time itself will work its will
more softly on a smile so sure
and radiance refined,
children of the vine are more
when kissed by sun and lightly lined
and when each day begins to turn
those loving hands will furl and fold,
as if each shirt were there to earn
its place for those we have and hold
as saintly Frank would serve His birds,
she loves in deeds. If needed, words*
*Preach the gospel at all times.
When necessary, use words.
- St. Francis of Assisi


On a bridge in Boston Common is where we first met,
I was barely just fifteen
I was excitedly nervous and trying to act not
For the “boy” was an older eighteen!
As life slowly moved on, as it does when you’re young,
I was falling in love with you!
And so, one night, in the Boston Common,
You asked me to marry you!
Four years in the Navy, I stayed true to you,
We married upon your return.
I felt so loved all of my life.
Never knew when your heart lost its burn.
I’d love you forever, that’s how it would stay
And our children were blessed to see
How much I did love you, but sadly would learn
That you no longer loved me.
I never thought my heart would heal
And the pain would go away,
But I’m reminded that’s not necessarily true
I am so loved by a Love that will stay!