HDC moves forward with applications

Fri, 07/17/2020 - 10:45am

The Historic District Commission met for its first telecommunication meeting on Monday, June 29. The commission had its last in person meeting back on February 24, 2020. Applications from previous meetings have been on hold due to COVID-19 restrictions and protocols in place.

Application for installation of air conditioning units

Plat 6, Lot 26 

Chair Bill Penn began the virtual meeting, addressing the one application on the agenda that was presented by Nancy Pike. The application had been filed in early March, but due to restrictions and protocols in place for COVID19, the application had been put on pause.

Pike was present via the telecommunication meeting for her application on the installation of air conditioner condensing units at The Dewey Cottage on Ocean Avenue. The air conditioning units, as seen on the proposed plans, are structured to be designed on the west and east side of the building, and with associated drainage piping to be on the west and east wall, and rear behind the decking.

“Nancy, compressors are on the east and west side?” asked Penn.

“Correct,” stated Pike.

Pike also noted the drainage piping on the exterior of the building was white, a separate color from the building itself.

Penn made a recommendation for Pike to paint the exterior piping the same color as the building’s shingles, to “hide the piping.”

“Painting [the pipes] gray to match the shingles would be the best,” said Pike.

Board member Arlene Tunney entertained a motion to approve the application for air conditioning units on The Dewey Cottage, and for the exterior piping on the cottage to be painted as the same color of the shingles. Member Mark Vaillancourt seconded the motion.

The H.D.C. will meet in July to continue forward with other applications in place.