Health and safety guidelines for FTM

Thu, 07/23/2020 - 5:45pm

The following was submitted by Town Hall:

Financial Town Meeting is 7 p.m. on Monday, July 27 at the Block Island School, utilizing the gym, cafeteria and a designated outdoor space. The meeting will follow or exceed the Department Of Health safety guidelines. Attendees will be with their neighbors, family and friends and everyone must work together to keep the meeting on time and moving along because safety and efficiency are of paramount importance. The meeting will be streamed on the Town’s YouTube channel (

Only registered Block Island voters may participate in the meeting.

• Seating will be at least 6-feet apart; chairs will be setup in advance to maintain social distancing in all areas. Some closer seating for couples from the same household will be available.

• Gym and cafeteria doors will be open for ventilation and the HVAC systems will circulate fresh air.

• All attendees are required to wear facial masks and maintain social distancing for the entire meeting; extra masks will be available.

• Hand sanitizer stations will be available.

• No-touch operations will be employed. Signing of poll pads will not be required Participants are asked to maintain a safe and healthy environment for all.

• Bring a flashlight for walking to/ from the parking area.

• Arrive early if possible – check-in will start at 6:30 p.m.

• A socially distanced check-in line will form at the entrance door near the playground.

• You will be directed to one of five Canvassers where you will check in verbally and be issued a paper ballot.

• Once checked in, you will be directed to your socially distanced seat; seats will be available inside the gym, outdoors between the gym and cafeteria, and in the cafeteria if necessary due to weather. There will be some couple seating available for people from the same household.

• For the safety of all, movement of chairs, milling around or socializing at this meeting will not be allowed. Please take your seat immediately and do not change it. • We will ask you to enter and exit by specific doors to help with social distancing – follow signs that indicate one way IN and one way OUT for each area The meeting will be conducted as follows:

• The Town Sergeant Tom Durden, assisted by Special Town Constable Mike Shea, will oversee the conduct of the meeting and remind people to adhere to the safety rules: remain in your seats and wear your masks. Members of the Police Department will assist to ensure a safe meeting for all.

• If you leave the meeting early you must surrender your paper ballot to a Canvasser.

• If you need something (assistance, replacement mask, paperwork), please stay in your seat and raise your hand. Someone will respond to you. • You may leave your seat to use the rest room if needed. Rest rooms in the gym (for use by voters in the gym and outside) and outside the cafeteria will be thoroughly cleaned prior to the meeting.

• At the end of the Broadband vote and at/or at the end of the meeting, you are asked to stay in your seats until directed to leave by row in an orderly and socially distanced manner.