Thu, 08/26/2021 - 4:00pm

To the Editor, in case your off-island readers wonder.
Last Sunday, after weather forecasters and the media had predicted pneumonia, Mother Nature merely burped.
Here on Block Island, however, reactions were briefly transformative. Interstate canceled all boats for the day, eliminating the usual horde of daytrippers. High surf swept the beaches clean of maritime debris. And as for the human sort, beach towels were absent, and the bare bottoms of the bikinied that leave so little to the imagination were not on their usual proud display. A few small groups of intrepid bathers challenged the gaping surf with daring plunges. But the water was warm and the whoops that could be heard over the sea sound infectious.
Downtown, some shops were closed and masks significantly displayed on the few pedestrians who strolled the streets.

By Monday, as this local observer pens these words, all seems back the way it was. And Labor Day, late this year, is still two weeks in the future.
Keep posted and keep your fingers crossed. Mother Nature still has the last word.
P.S. Wood
Old Mill Road
Block Island, RI