Hey Parents

Thu, 07/29/2021 - 3:00pm

To The Editor:

I’ve noticed a trend with teens this summer...

I’ve noticed that the good, polite kids have gotten even better and the, let’s just say, “not as respectful” teens have gotten worse.
To this I say: “Hey Parents, some of you are doing a really great job, and some of you....well, not so much.” Of course, this is after what has probably been the hardest past year for them, you, and everyone!
So, if we have a bigger problem than we’ve ever had with underage drinking; and the litter, disrespect of our island and destruction of natural resources that come with that, then why are we not getting their parents involved? If they’re minors, then isn’t it the parent’s responsibility to teach them well and have respect for the island and those they come in contact with?
Don’t get me wrong, I remember being 17 on Block Island, but I would never have dreamed of doing something that could somehow embarrass or shame my family. I feel like some visiting parents today actually try to encourage it.

But cheers to you – the parents who are doing well. Teaching their kids kindness and respect for this amazing place. I’ve had the pleasure of providing services to wonderful and respectful kids this year.

So, on that note, I ask you, Chief Moynihan: Do you really think it was worth walking the entire length of Crescent Beach last Saturday? Just to make a point about the open container law to good, hardworking young people, older couples, and grand-dads, just having a beer on the beach while they finally enjoy some freedom and long-awaited family time?
For crying out loud, I personally think your time could have been better spent elsewhere. By the way, have you been down Weldon’s Way lately?

KC Talbot
Resident, Block Island, RI