Homeowners Association established for Cherry Hill Lane

Thu, 12/10/2020 - 7:15pm

Newly-elected member Shannon Cotter Marsella joined her first Housing Board meeting with a fresh update on the Cherry Hill Lane Homeowners Association. The board met via telecommunications on Tuesday, Dec. 8.

Cotter Marsella announced that island resident Pete Tweedy, who has been volunteering his time and efforts with establishing the Cherry Hill Lane Homeowners Association, has been completing “a list of things” for the Association, such as setting up a bank account and mailbox.

Housing Board Chair Cindy Pappas noted she had been in communication with Bain Transue of A. Transue Corp. for site work around the five Cherry Hill Lane homes, and “he is still on deck for ongoing issues.” Recently, there were basement leaks in some of the houses from the severe rain storms, and stormwater runoff was found in the area, too.

“Bain did come fix the road once… it has a distinct pattern where the runoff is. But the rain added to it,” said Cotter Marsella.

“The more vegetation you get in there, the better it will be,” said Pappas.

Pappas noted that Transue will be “on deck for a year” with the Homeowners Association for work that may need to be done.

Discussion on West Side Road property

The board had discussed plans to schedule a site visit at the property across the street from the Ball O’Brien park for their next development project. But with the uncertainty in the local Covid-19 numbers, the board has held off on the site visit. 

“I think that Covid-19 makes things challenging for us in terms of gathering. It’s hard for me to imagine a brainstorming session on Zoom. I suppose we can figure it out, but I think our first thing is to reschedule the site visit, get on site, and try to get some good planning and zoning data so that we understand what our parameters are for development,” said Pappas.

The board agreed to hold a virtual meeting at the site on Friday, Dec. 11 to “try and get our creative juices going on that,” said Pappas.