The Solar Report

I’m pumped about heat pumps!

Fri, 09/25/2020 - 9:45am

What’s a “Heat pump” and why should anyone be pumped about them?

A heat pump is an electrical/mechanical appliance that can be used for heating in the cold months and cooling in the warm months. It consists of two components: a heat exchanger outdoors and a head, (or mini-split) usually wall mounted indoors, connected by tubing.

How does a heat pump work?

This appliance uses advanced technology to extract heat from the cold outdoors and transfer it indoors, thereby keeping your living area warm and cozy! You may not have known that when it is, say, 15 degrees outdoors there is still enough heat in that frigid air to warm your house! [Note: Heat pump efficiency decreases as outdoor temperatures approach zero degrees Farenheit.] Since heat pumps do not actually heat, they just steal heat already out there, the cost of operating is only running the pump and a fan! This is usually way less than space or water heating per se, which leads to the first reason to add a heat pump.

Why should I add a heat pump?

Reason #1:

Because if you are cheap like me, you would rather spend less money than more. And heat pumps can save a pile of money. (Note #1: Individual circumstances vary. We advise getting a site-specific analysis and quote.) (Note #2: We recommend adding heat pump technology to your home versus replacing your current system. Save your expensive appliances for use as a backup.) 

Sounds good, but I would be happier if there was at least one more reason, you say. And I say, You are in luck:

Why should I add a heat pump?

Reason #2:

The same heat pump equipment doubles as an air conditioner in the summer months, and triples as a dehumidifier in the high humidity seasons. Three for the price of one.


Well, I knew there was a catch.

What is the price?

I am putting this answer in italics because it is unbelievable:

The Solar initiative will subsidize the purchase of a heat pump, including taxes and shipping, up to a cap of $6,000 per Block Island home.

What? The Solar Initiative is going to “give” me six grand? 

That’s right, but some conditions apply:

* Must be used to offset the cost of space and/or water heating using heat pump technology

* Must be purchased through the CoolEnergy corporation utilizing their preferred manufacturers and installers

* Contract must be signed before December 31, 2020

* Offer expires on December 31, 2020

* Some sites may have to be excluded due to non-feasibility of installation

Contact me, the Solar Initiative Director, at or (508) 272-8822 to sign up or get more info. You will be happy you did when winter rolls around.