Important Message from Town Manager Maryanne Crawford

Fri, 08/20/2021 - 3:15pm

The Town of New Shoreham is under a hurricane watch, along with much of southeastern New England.

The Town is taking the necessary steps to prepare for high surf along with astronomically high tides, strong winds, and potentially flooding rains in the next forty-eight to seventy-two hours. Depending on the storms final direction, we anticipate strong winds with the potential for power outages. We recommend all residents and visitors begin their own personal preparations, and please take some time to check on any elderly neighbors who may need assistance.

  • Please secure or bring in all outdoor furniture or items that can be blown about.
  • Some may experience power outages, make sure you have flashlight ready, cell phones charged and available. Those on wells may want to partially fill a sink or pans with water in advance for flushing toilets, etc.
  • Some roads may become temporarily impassable due to the seas and flooding. Please stay inside during the storm.
  • All emergency services will be available, please call 911 only in case of an emergency.

History has shown us that the team at Interstate Navigation will be doing their best to keep the ferries running safely, but for those new to the island, please understand that a storm of this magnitude invariably results in canceled ferries, sometimes for more than a day. The best place to find information about cancellations and any adjustments to the ferry schedule is Interstate Navigation’s website:

This storm is expected to reach Block Island during a full moon high tide. For your safety and the safety of all, please do not venture out on any jetty, dock, or ocean front properties until emergency officials determine it is safe to do so.