Interns learning about island life at BIMI

Thu, 07/11/2019 - 4:30pm

Danielle Durfee and Michaela Discuillo, both upcoming seniors from East Providence High School, are spending a week on the island as interns at the Block Island Maritime Institute (BIMI). Along with their teacher and supervisor Erin Hynes, from East Providence High School and the East Providence Career and Technical Center, the pair is here to further their studies and love for marine biology.

“It has been great to learn more about marine biology in a new place,” says Michaela. “I love the hands-on experiences and I love the people here too, it’s a great opportunity for us.”

“There are more varieties of species here on the island that we get to see, work with and study,” added Danielle.

Both girls have plans to attend college after graduation and plan to stay in the marine biology field. — Kari Curtis