Island-Wide Seal Count - Volunteers Needed

Thu, 03/10/2022 - 2:15pm

To the Editor,
Mid-March is when Save The Bay counts seals along the entire shore of the bay. Here on Block Island we try to coordinate with their effort by searching the entire perimeter of the island and counting seals. This activity will occur either on Tuesday, March 15 or Thursday, March 17 (weather dependent). The task is relatively easy: you will survey an assigned stretch of the island’s shoreline during low tide - around 1 to 2 p.m. - and count any seals seen in or out of the water. It takes about one hour.
If you would like to help - and have time for an hour-or-so beach walk in the afternoon - please contact Kim Gaffett for details and shoreline assignment. Call or text at (401) 595-7055, or email
Kim Gaffett
The Nature Conservancy