Islanders ready to assist

Thu, 09/02/2021 - 2:30pm

To the Editor,
Beautiful Block Island may be shaped like a pork chop, but its residents have hearts of gold!
When my husband and I flew in from Montauk for our 57th year of vacationing on Block Island, we realized we left my husband’s walker safely locked away in our car, which was at the Montauk airport.
Emily Collins, who registered our arrival at the Blue Dory, showed us to our accommodations, and promised to see what she could do about getting a walker. She went to the Public Group on Facebook and posted the following:

“Long shot: anyone have a walker they are not using on island? I just met an older couple who arrived today for two weeks. They forgot the walker in their car in Montauk at the airport. Obviously they’re not on Facebook so trying to help them out. We’ve tried calling NE Airlines and Montauk airport, but there are no flights scheduled that they’d be able to load it into. Hoping this great community of folks can help!”

Within minutes, Block Islanders responded with suggestions. Emily spoke to MaryAnn Seebeck, Coordinator of Human Services, and shortly after, Emily arrived at our room with a walker that was even nicer than the one we left in Montauk!
When my son, who read Emily’s post while on an Amtrak train headed for Cape Cod, he suspected the older couple was us, and called to confirm. That is how fast news on the Block Island Public Group travels...Amazing!
Thank you Emily, MaryAnn, and to all the islanders who showed how life should be. Block Island is, indeed our Heaven on Earth, filled with so many wonderful folks.
Katie and Jack Maloney