It’s time to vote

Thu, 11/01/2018 - 7:30pm

A little more than two years ago, Block Island registered voters realized the importance of showing up at the polls when it was learned that the decision to purchase two-thirds of Block Island Power Company shares came down to two votes.

The lament was palpable the next day. “I should have gone,” was a common refrain.

There is no need to have such lamentations on Wednesday, Nov. 7. Not here on Block Island. Voting is easy, convenient, and even when there is a line, it’s short and convivial.

You know the candidates. If you need to brush up on where they stand, there are back issues of The Block Island Times for reference.You can find them online, in the library, or here at the office. You may have a copy of the Oct. 20 edition at home in which local candidates were profiled.

On a final note, all the candidates, for every position, whether it’s for Housing Board, Town Sergeant, or Town Council, should be commended for stepping up to volunteer for these jobs. It isn’t easy.

We also would like to give a special shout-out for the three write-in candidates for School Committee: Eileen Birk, Persephone Brown, and Kara Stinnett, and write-in candidates Molly O’Neill and Pat Doyle for Town Moderator and Assistant Town Moderator, for jumping in to fill those positions for which there were no formal candidates.

Please do the honor for all these citizen volunteers and get out to vote on Tuesday, Nov. 6.