It's time to go bass fishing

Sat, 08/03/2013 - 2:00pm

The fishing is getting better every day!

We are getting reports of bigger bass being caught at night all over the island. At Charleston Beach, the incoming tide at night brought in plenty of striped bass that were going after larger dark-colored slug-gos and needle fish plugs. Whole squid with a simple hook and sinker setup has been productive as well at night when going for the bass and bluefish. Also, on the west side of the island there is “dump beach” at the end of West Beach Road, which has been productive with similar baits.

At sunset, most of the beaches on the west side of the island, as well as sandy point, have been seeing good numbers using surface lures. The surface poppers seem to work well in low light situations, dusk and dawn. When the moon is bright it is a great time to use them anywhere. If you want to fish at the Coast Guard Channel at night, use smaller lures like stubby needle fish or small slug-gos.

As for the east side of the island, Ballard’s and Mansion Beaches have been the most productive at night for bass. With those spots, it’s good to try an assortment of things. Live eels (if you dare!) will always bring in the bigger stripers and blues. Just simply hook the eel with a monofilament leader (bottom lip through top lip) and cast out, leaving the tip up high as you reel in slowly letting the eel do most of the work.

As for daytime spots, the Coast Guard Channel remains your best bet for reeling in a fish. Bottom fishing strips of squid or using live minnows are great for catching fluke and scup. Most of the fluke being pulled out are just short of 18 inches (legal size), but people are still getting lucky with some keepers here and there.

By boat, the south side of the island near Black Rock, has proved to be the most productive right by the nearest red buoy for stripers. On the west side of the island, in about 40- to 50-feet of water, fishermen have caught plenty of black seabass by bottom fishing mostly with squid, or a combination of squid and spearing.