Killer Donuts license approved, with stipulations

Fri, 01/05/2018 - 9:00am

Carole Payne’s Killer Donuts will be back at its New Harbor location next summer, despite environmental concerns surrounding the approval of its license. 

By a vote of 2-0, the Town Council unanimously approved the location of Payne’s food truck at Fort Island on Ocean Avenue, with stipulations, at a recent meeting. The Council’s approval is contingent upon Payne connecting the trailer to the municipal sewer line with a quick release mechanism in place in case a hazardous situation arises.

The Town Council’s stipulations come with good reason. Last summer season, the holding tank of Payne’s trailer sprung a leak sending pollutants into the Great Salt Pond. The food truck is also located in a Hazardous Flood Zone Area.

In his motion, seconded by Councilor Martha Ball, Councilor Sven Risom noted the sewer stipulation, as well as the desire to have Payne address the flood zone issue. First Warden Ken Lacoste, Second Warden André Boudreau, and Councilor Chris Willi were recused.

“The location concerns me,” said Risom. “If something happens,” like a storm that floods that area, there could be a problem. “This is about protecting the environment.”

Building Official Marc Tillson, who was in attendance at the meeting, said that Payne’s trailer is located in a special hazardous flood zone. “It’s just a matter of moving it slightly to the east or northeast,” noted Tillson. “The main issue is the holding tank. If the trailer is connected to town sewer then” that solves part of the problem.

“It’s better if it’s moved out of the flood zone,” said Tillson. “You don’t want it to do any damage to the community.”

Andy Transue, from the audience, said a solution could be placing the trailer on some kind of a block-ramp to raise it up off the ground. “If a storm was coming she could move it,” he said. “I was picturing a ramp that the trailer could be rolled on and off of.”

“It’s an interesting discussion,” said Tillson. “But if it’s raised off of the ground will people be able to walk up to the (food truck’s) window?”

“Given how good the donuts are, people will do it,” said Risom.

“It could easily be moved if a storm was coming,” said Payne. “I haven’t heard of floods that high on Block Island.”

Payne said she understood the Town Council’s concerns, but would prefer to stay in her current location, noting the foot traffic in that location during the summer season. She did agree to get connected to the town’s sewer line, and will consider addressing flood plain concerns.

The Town Council renewed hawkers and peddlers licenses for Cindy Kelly’s Pots and Kettles, and André Boudreau’s Southeast Light Delights at their designated locations. At the request of John Gasner, the Town Council also agreed to keep Noah Gasner on the waiting list for the location at the North Light/Settler’s Rock parking lot.