Leos to focus on island projects

Fri, 10/09/2020 - 9:30am

There are going to be a lot of scarecrows out here later this fall. The Block Island Leo Lions Club will see to that.

The Leos — the youth version of the Block Island Lions Club — met on a beautiful fall day underneath the pavilion at Ball O’Brien Park to map out some projects for the fall. This year, rather than concentrate on raising and donating monies to various programs, the Leos will concentrate on good works to help the community.

“Most of our activities are going to be outside,” said Molly O’Neill, one of the group’s two adult advisors (the other is Library Director Kristin Baumann), mentioning trail clearings and beach cleanups as two possible activities. She cautioned that groups participating in the activities will be kept small to adhere to health and safety regulations.

O’Neill said that The Nature Conservancy’s Ocean View Pavilion had been vandalized over the summer, and the Conservancy’s Naturalist, Kim Gaffett, could use some help at that location.

“It was a really bad summer up there,” said O’Neill.

There was also trash at the Ball O’Brien Park that needed to be picked up, and the playground needed weeding due to the fact that it was closed all summer (although some people disregarded the rules and used it anyway).

“This is not going to be the year where you just raise money,” said Baumann. “Do fun things for the community — community spirit.”

Then the subject of a possible scarecrow contest came up.

O’Neill said the contest could involve the entire island — residents and businesses alike. People who make the scarecrows will be encouraged to post pictures on social media, and perhaps a map could be made to identify the location of each scarecrow for people to use as they drive around the island. Prizes in various categories will be awarded.

With that, Club President Savannah Brown took a vote, and the scarecrow contest became official.