Let’s Talk series

The Nature Conservancy & BIMI
Thu, 10/04/2018 - 5:15pm

“Let’s Talk”: Great Salt Pond - Sugar Kelp, Aquaculture, Winter Flounder and More

The Nature Conservancy (TNC) and Block Island Maritime Institute (BIMI) have again teamed up to present a series of lectures this fall. The speakers in the “Let’s Talk” series will be presenting information about research, or topics relevant to Block Island.

Block Island has, and continues to host many research opportunities for students and professional scientists, but rarely does the community get a chance to learn about the who, why, how, and results of the research. In addition, the island is often the venue for experimentation, such as the upcoming winter project to test the viability of growing sugar kelp in the Great Salt Pond. Such trial projects also present the community with a need for information.   The “Let’s Talk” series continues to be a great occasion to learn about ongoing research and new efforts on Block Island; while also providing lots of opportunity to ask questions and engage in discussion about various topics.

The next two “Let’s Talk” presentations are coming up this week.

Seaweed Aquaculture in New England: status, progress, and future directions. Saturday, October 6, at 4 p.m., at BIMI.

Dr. Lindsay Green-Gavrielidis, University of Rhode Island professor and researcher, will be speaking about seaweed ecology and aquaculture in New England, and of course, Block Island. Dr. Green-Gavrielidis is the co-author of “New England Seaweed Culture Handbook: Nursery Systems”, and is currently working with oyster aquaculturalists in Rhode Island with the goal of adding sugar kelp farming to their lease sites.

Dr. Green is an energetic speaker, who will prove to be an invaluable resource for the island as we prepare for the island’s first winter growing trial of sugar kelp in the Great Salt Pond. For more information about Dr. Green-Gavrielidis go to https://lindsayagreen.wordpress.com/.

Life in the Great Salt Pond

Wednesday, October 10, 4 p.m., at The Nature Conservancy porch on High Street.

Diandra Verbeyst, TNC’s Great Salt Pond Scientist, will facilitate a Q&A discussion about the multiple forms of life in the Great Salt Pond, focusing on Winter Flounder. Depending on the flow of discussion, and the questions asked, Ms. Verbeyst may also speak about the many facets of the overall study of the Great Salt Pond and its upland components that she is conducting, as well as possible future investigations.