Letters, Dec. 24, 2011; Merry Christmas!

Sat, 12/24/2011 - 1:26pm

To: the Editor—

I just wanted to send out a huge thank you to the “Secret Santa” who brought gifts to the police station for our kids. We are truly thankful and blessed for the amazing community we live in. Thank you again! Merry Christmas!

Edward and Rachel Harrison

Water Street


To: the Editor—

I want to thank everyone who has donated, so generously, to the Mary D. Fund. Thank you too, from every friend and neighbor who benefits from the Fund.

I can’t forget the two elves who arrived Sunday on the island and quietly left a trail of gifts behind before heading to the ferry.

Best wishes for a very Merry Christmas and a happy healthy new year to one and all. Love and God Bless.

Mary D.

Old Town Road


School Principal John Canole writes that he has shared this letter, addressed to him and athletic director Robert Closter, with his faculty and would like to share it with the rest of the island—

My name is Susan Kuegel and I am a St. Andrew’s School parent. I had an opportunity this past Friday and Saturday to attend the basketball tournament at Rocky Hill School. I am writing to tell both of you how impressed I was by the members of your Boys Varsity team.

On Friday afternoon they stayed after their game to watch the St. Andrew’s and Newman teams play. They noticed that I was taking photos of the St. Andrew’s boys in action and politely inquired about the team.

It is rare these days to have young people be able to engage in conversation (that is not electronic) in a proper and respectful way. In addition to being polite, they made good eye contact, actively listened to my answers and thanked me for my time.

On the court, they played hard and showed good sportsmanship.

I wanted you to know how well they represented your school and the Block Island community.

I wish them well in their season.

Susan Kuegel



To: the Editor—

The last U.S. combat troops have left Iraq, leaving a small military presence, a large diplomatic contingent, and many thousands of contractors. The war in Iraq is officially over.

Block Islanders for Peace and Justice, along with many others on Block Island, opposed the invasion from the beginning, and in 2002 as the drumbeats for war intensified, we began holding a silent vigil for peace. For the past nine years, we have stood outside the Empire Theatre in the off-season and in Esta’s Park in the summer. While we invited all who shared our concerns to join us, we occasionally disappointed would-be participants who did not understand our commitment to nonviolence. As a peace group, we believed in using nonconfrontational means and excluded sensational, partisan political or argumentative signs or dialogue. More than once, we were assured that we were “losers” or worse. On the other hand, honks, waves and “thank-yous” that passers-by bestowed on us were heartening in their frequency and much appreciated.

We recognize that the U.S. is still engaged in military actions in other countries. Nevertheless, this seems an appropriate time to end the witness for peace that began with the Iraq war.

Martha Wilson

Cooneymus Road


To: the Editor—

As this year comes to a close there is one more thing I must do to fullfil my obligation to the thousands of people who signed the “Guest Books” for the celebration of 350 years of the settlement of Block Island.

This event happens once every 50 years, and I am honored to have been a part of this celebration as were the people who contributed to all of the events.

There is still time to contribute something to the memoirs of life as we know it here on Block Island. Family photos, a small collectable, newspaper clipping, one dog toy, a CD of photos of the island, and a coin with the year 2011 on it are some of the things that are still needed. Small is the key word here.

You can drop off your contribution at Island Free Library with my name on it.

The Time Capsule will be secretly buried somewhere on the island with instructions for it to be opened 50 years from now.

Thank you to all the people who helped to make the Time Capsule a fun experience.

Cheryle Gagnon

West Side Road


To: the Editor—

I would like to thank everyone who was involved with the planning and preparation of the Celebration of Roger’s life. The “girls” were amazing in their ability to think of all the important details, setting up, designing the beautiful greens and keeping me calm. I could not have done it without you: Tamzen Mazzur, Liz Carlson, Lucinda Morrison, Karin Carlone, Sharlene Worth, Nancy Worth, Sheila Censario, Vicky Butlevska, Paige and Terry Gaffett, Jen Lambert and Kate Musso.

Special thanks to Marty Hemingway, Rick Lysik and the Highview for hosting. I would also like to thank Rita Draper, Meredith McAloon and the Morrisons for their very generous hospitality to Roger’s family and friends from out of town.

Special thanks to everyone who brought the food, which made such a beautiful buffet with a roast pig as centerpiece. I had hoped to keep track of who brought food to thank you all personally, but there were so many of you it became impossible to manage. I want you all to know how grateful I am to you for taking the time to prepare such delicious dishes at this busy time of year.

Finally, I would like thank everyone who attended from near and far to pay tribute to Roger. His mom, daughter and cousins were so touched by the event and everyone felt the warmth and love in the room. The atmosphere was just in the spirit I had hoped for and you are all responsible for creating a very special afternoon to honor Roger.

Mary Aubut

Beacon Hill Road