Letters, Dec. 31, 2011 - Happy New Year's!

Fri, 12/30/2011 - 1:49pm

To: the Editor—

After reading the article “Council hears Club Soda appeal” from last week’s Block Island Times, I was surprised and disappointed to see that only a portion of my comments were quoted.

I do believe that the current owners of Club Soda are hard workers trying to support their families, and are also trying to establish a positive relationship with their neighbors. However, I feel that the most important item I commented on at that meeting was the issue of people congregating outside, in front of Club Soda. I believe this is the root of the problem that is causing a disturbance in our neighborhood.

One of the conditions currently attached to Club Soda’s liquor license is that they “must have an attendant at the door to keep people from congregating in front.” I understand that this condition may cause a financial hardship for the owners of Club Soda. My comments that were left out of last week’s article were that whether the owners of Club Soda were forced to eliminate the congregating in front of their establishment by the Board of Liquor License Commissioners, or would agree to do it voluntarily, it would be the single most important thing they could do to promote goodwill in our neighborhood. I believe they are willing to do this and I hope the result of this action will be a positive one for everyone affected by this situation.

John Cullen

Connecticut Ave


To: the Editor—

As a person who grew up on a farm worked by aging draft horses and mules, I really enjoyed and appreciated Doc Willis’s story about Charlie the Belgian and friends. It reminded me, appropriately in this season, that despite all of our differences, animosities and occasional vitriol, we’re all people with shared values and experiences and love of our community.

Thanks, John, and Happy Holidays.

John Spier

West Side Road


To: the Editor—

The Block Island School’s Sunday River Skiers and the Block Island Recreation Department would like to thank everyone who sold and ordered and made and ate grinders. Your contributions to the ski trip are greatly appreciated.

Special thanks to the Red Bird Package Store, the Block Island Grocery and the Harbor Church. Despite the tremendous success of the grinder sale the ski trip remains underfunded and rather expensive.

Therefore, the Sunday River Skiers invite you to a home-cooked lunch buffet at the Yellow Kittens on New Year’s Day. Lunch starts after the plunge at kick-off and there will be plenty so bring your family, friends and neighbors.

Lastly, we would like to thank Santa Claus in advance for the snow (hint, hint).

The Sunday River Skiers’ Students and Families

Block Island


To: the Editor—

The Christmas issue of the Block Island Times is the best and most heartwarming paper I have read for a very long time. Three stories describing the generosity of people on the island: the anonymous donor with presents for Block Island families, Neil Lang’s work in the Peace Corps to supply houses to people who had never before had a house, and Doc Willis’s loving care and devotion to so many abandoned animals. Then there are the ones that made me laugh. The Pesky Pond Troll pondering over the annoying dumbness of the deer and climbing to the top of our great lobster pot tree. Charlie, the draft horse who can climb over any fence or wall on Block Island. Sal Dodge shanghaiing the tourists into his B & B and jumping off the ferry to swim to a ship, ensuring his commission.

Last but not least: Steve Holloway’s true spirit of Christmas in his message to both believers and non-believers that we can welcome Christmas just as joyously no matter what we call our tree.

Thank you to the publishers, the editors and the writers for a very special Christmas paper. It makes me feel very fortunate to live on Block Island.

Joan Theve

Graces Cove Road


To: the Editor—

As 2011 winds down, we would like to thank all who helped, hosted, sponsored and attended the wonderful events that made the 350 Celebration so special. Without you all, it would not have been the success it was!

Happy New Year!

Fran & Connie