Letters, December 10

Sat, 12/10/2011 - 2:00pm

To: the Editor—

I am writing in reference to the recent issuance of yet another liquor license on Block Island. What was our Town Council thinking? I feel insulted as a veteran EMT for the rescue squad. During my 15-plus year tenure, I have witnessed an overwhelming percentage of calls that have dealt with the negative by-products of alcohol. I trusted the words of our town fathers when they expressed their concern and outrage. Phrases like “zero tolerance” and “elevated enforcement,” along with my favorite, “multi-jurisdictional cooperation,” were used to convey their dissatisfaction.

And now, all I can say is that the council’s hypocrisy is immeasurable. During my very short tenure on the Town Council, I learned the two qualities that effective public servants must embrace. They are common sense and courage. Our town fathers showed neither. Shame on them.

I sincerely wish that those at fault do not write letters of rebuttal with yet more lies and rhetoric. Instead, how about writing letters of resignation for your toothless words and cowardly actions?

Mark Emmanuelle

West Side Road


To: the Editor—

A big thank you to the Block Island Lions Club and everyone who attended the benefit for Brian Hartman. What a great turnout, and so much fun too! It would not have been possible without you and all of your help.

I would like to extend an extra special thank you to all of those who donated art, gift certificates, time, and more: the Block Island Lions Club, The National Hotel, Richard Parsons and Susan Bush, Winfields Restaurant, Crazy Burger, Pick Pockets, The Beachead, Jessie Edwards, New England Airlines, Fran Migliaccio, B.Eyes, McGovern’s Yellow Kittens, The 1661/Manisses, The Oar, The Photo Dog, Block Market, Diamond Blue Surf Shop, DJ Sean Dugan, Koru Eco Spa, Elevation Studio, Kate Musso, Emily Lindquist, Jill Graziano-Warburton, Lazy Fish, Celeste Helterline, WaterColors, Chris Willi and BI Fishworks, The Mariner Grill, and Into The Wardrobe.

Also, thank you to Sheila Fowler, Deb Patrician, and The Poor People’s Pub for making and donating food, and to Dan Cahill, Danielle Duffy, Robin Lewis, Cindy Lemon, Morgan England and Julie Garosshen for all of the amazing help and setting up, and Danielle Bates for all of the clean-up. I could not have done all of that without you all. To everyone else who donated, thank you. Such a great success, and a wonderful night for such a wonderful person! Thank you all so so much.

Colleen Fowler

Beacon Hill Road