Letters to the Editor, January 11, 2014

Mon, 01/13/2014 - 3:00pm

To the people of Block Island:

My mom, Lori Leone, welcomed life with open arms. The love she had for her family, for loved ones, for friends, and for her heritage was fierce and unwavering. Out of all the places they had been and lived, Block Island was her true home, and she loved it here as well.

It was a gift from God that she passed away in the arms of the man she was in love with, her beloved husband. My mom and dad were married in 1969 and were madly in love until the end. Her family was everything to her and her death leaves an unfillable hole in all our hearts.

My mother, as many people know, was the life of the party. She was always cooking for everybody. Tina Turner was “it” for her, and she danced and sang through life. Because of that, she would have been in awe over how everyone on Block Island reacted when they heard of her passing. I want to thank everyone immensely. People stick by you here, and me and my entire family are grateful for the expressions of love and affection that you have shown my mother, my father and the rest of our family in the past several weeks.

I also want to say a special thanks to Rita Draper and Kimberly Ward. They called me and asked if there was anything they could do. I wanted to say thank you to Cathy and Frank DiBiase, Walter and Anne Shanley, and John and Mary Willis for their love and friendship.

She leaves behind her sister, Toni Cotioa, grandchildren Maria Leone, Jason Leone, Jr., Gabriella Leone-Alves, Mossimo Leone, Anthony Leone, many nieces and nephews, and the many friends from Block Island, the place she so happily called home.

Thank you all again.

Michelle Leone

Chapel Street


To the Editor:

Regrettably, the blood drive scheduled for January was cancelled because of weather conditions. We were not the only ones. Other drives on the mainland were also cancelled because of the storm. My memory says that the cancelled drive in November was the first one ever cancelled. Now we have had two in a row.

The Blood Center spent a lot of time trying to reschedule for another week in January, but small drives on the mainland would need to be cancelled to make that happen. In short, the storm hit the Blood Center very hard.

So please post your calendars for March 7, our next drive. Once again this will be a dedicated blood drive for Tim Connor, a fifth grader who has leukemia. Reports are that he is responding well to treatments. We continue to hope his improvement continues on schedule

Peter Greenman, Block Island Coordinator

Rhode Island Blood Center


To the Editor:

The Department of Environmental Management’s (DEM) purchase of development rights from Cathy Payne on 42 acres of the northerly portion of Payne Farm is the latest parcel of Payne Farm land to be protected. It brings the total to 145 plus acres the Payne heirs have contributed to conservation on Block Island.

In the early 1980s, the DEM acquired 27 acres along Mohegan Bluffs in a bargain sale with Frank Payne and Harriet Payne Phelan. The Edward Sands Payne Overlook was created and named for Frank and Harriet’s grandfather. Since then the following land has been preserved by bargain sale, conservation easement and gift:

Harriet and Bill Phelan Plat 10, Lot 23-6 and Plat 11, Lot 53 totaling 34 acres

Blake Phelan Plat 10, Lots 19-1 and 19-7 totaling 19.5 acres

Blake Phelan Plat 10, Lot 23-3, 6.5 acres

Blake Phelan Plat 9, Lots 11 & 12, 12 acres

Island families, individuals and the conservation organizations working together continue to ensure that Block Island will remain the very special place that it is today.

Michele Phelan

Payne Road