Letters to the Editor, July 27, 2013

Mon, 07/29/2013 - 2:00pm

To the Editor:

The Committee for the Great Salt Pond, along with other Block Island organizations, has for years been working to prevent Champlin’s marina from expanding in a way and to a degree considered detrimental to the Great Salt Pond. Today we are still at it.

Although the Coastal Resources Management Council (CRMC) two years ago voted unanimously to deny the application, Champlin’s again appealed to the superior court, this time arguing that it had been treated unfairly because the CRMC denied its application, but had granted an expansion request by Payne’s Dock.

Before deciding the appeal, the superior court sent the case back to the CRMC to allow Champlin’s to present its case that its application and the Payne’s application were substantially similar, so that there was no rational basis for the denial of Champlin’s and approval of Payne’s applications.

The CRMC has now scheduled a session for Tuesday, July 30, 2013, at which the members of the CRMC will discuss the evidence and the arguments, and vote on whether to change its prior decision denying the Champlin’s application, based on Champlin’s argument of unfair treatment.

Although there will be no opportunity for the public to speak at this hearing, we feel that it would be helpful for the CRMC to know, by our numbers, how strongly the public feels about this issue. The session will take place from 2 - 6 p.m. in the Council Chambers, Narragansett Town Hall, 25 Fifth Ave., Narragansett.

We urge anyone who can to be present for the hearing. Thanks.

Jean Taber, for the members and directors of The Committee for the Great Salt Pond


To the Editor:

It is safe to say that we have now approached mid-summer and oh, will it go fast now. I have waited for a featured article or editorial for weeks now on some sort of praise for our Chief of Police, Vincent Carlone.

We have read of the dreaded consequences of “The Fourth of July,” have watched the many meetings and preparations for the worst, but even last year things seemed to all go right. This year was no exception; people are happy, crowds were orderly, the biggest-watched parade in many years went off beautifully. There wasn’t an unordinary police presence that we could see. There were few drunks on the street, and few fights. It has been a just wonderful summer for a change and it started last year with stricter rules for the unruly after the summer surprise of 2011. There are many responsible for this, including the public itself, with more family interaction than I have seen before.

Let us put this into perspective. If it all went wrong it would have fallen on the Chief, yet all has gone right, at least so far, so can we have a salute to our chief and his office of fine men? Can we thank him for this smily face on everyone?

A featured editorial thanking him for all his efforts, and believe me they have been bountiful, should have been published already. He appears everywhere, quietly and sincerely, making good conversation with friends, islanders and strangers from the very young to the very old. I spotted him recently playing his guitar under an old apple tree on an old dirt road, then run out and politely tell a moped renter to turn around and return to the paved road for his own safety. This was his no-stress zone, yet he was diligent to his duty.

The Block Island Times has had featured articles of the last three weeks since the Fourth on a trip to South Africa with Mrs. Obama, on the Block Island Health Services cry for help after a crises year of media attention, and on thanking a tourist. Well, how about “Thank you, Police Chief Vincent Carlone” for a wonderful Fourth of July and an essentially crime-free summer with a lot of happy people, even on the foggiest days?

John Willis

Beacon Hollow Farm


To the Editor:

I love dogs. I do not love dogs on the beach!

Ann Buchanan

Beach Avenue