Letters to the Editor, November 27, 2013

Mon, 12/02/2013 - 3:00pm

To the Editor:

I would like to take this opportunity to give special thanks to all who made our 2013 Block Island Farmers Market season such a success. The Farmers Market provides a venue for island residents to sell their fresh produce, baked goods and crafts all grown or handmade here on Block Island. Without the graciousness and generosity of many, it would not be possible.

Thank you to Justin Abrams and Steve and Rita Draper for allowing the use of the Manisses parking area each Wednesday.

Thank you to Nancy Dodge and the Town of New Shoreham for the use of Negus Park each Saturday.

Thank you to the Block Island Power Company for providing our customers and vendors a place to park.

Thank you to Chief Vincent Carlone and his team for helping us keep the Farmers Market safe for all.

Thank you to the Marketeers who volunteer their time to assist with the many duties that keep the Market running smoothly.

Thank you to all our loyal customers. See you next season!

Dorrie Napoleone

Block Island Farmers Market Coodinator


To the Editor:

Giving thanks for what: parents, children, family, friends, work, country, life and love? Certainly! But what about God? It sounds out of place, thank you God for God. God, thank you for being a good God. Correct. But it sounds odd. We often thank God for His gifts of life, forgiveness, love and more gifts. Yet thanking God for being God, that’s odd.

In a recent homily at Daily Mass, Pope Francis said something about God that was startling. “God does not like to lose. God is not a good loser.” God himself goes in search of His ungrateful and wayward sons and daughters. He never stops searching. He does not want to lose anyone, good or bad. Thank you, God, for not being a good loser.

Jesus is even more dramatic. He will leave all of us in a dangerous situation to go find the one which is lost! Of course, Jesus sees what He sees the Father doing.

Because God, as revealed in the human person of Jesus Christ, does things in a way most humans would not do, it is difficult to thank God for behaving like God. Most people flirt with and, at times, employ prejudice, vengeance, hatred, ostracizing and fear of the other and the unknown. God just does not behave that way.

Francis concludes: The joy of God is love. He loves us and proves it by Himself searching for us to bring us home. He refuses to lose one of us.

Thank you God for being and acting like God. Perhaps it is not that odd after all.

Father Joe Protrano, Pastor

St. Andrew Roman Catholic Church