Letters to the Editor, Sept. 15, 2012

Mon, 09/17/2012 - 3:44pm

To: the Editor—

As a newcomer to Block Island many years ago, I remember being impressed by the energy and enthusiasm devoted to fundraising efforts to develop a medical facility. With much perseverance dedication and vision, this small community developed a facility most small communities only wished they had.

I am most appreciative to have such a fine facility available for myself and my guests when needed. Having practiced as a nurse practitioner myself in a similar primary care facility for many years, I am particularly aware of what it takes to provide the consistent, professional care I have witnessed at the Block Island Medical Center.

It is most unfortunate that this facility is now mired down in an unresolved administrative debacle that seems to put a “black eye” on a fine facility with a great history of origination and patient care.

It is my hope that higher wisdom will prevail and allow this fine facility to return to focusing on quality patient care instead of internal administrative strife.

Ann Law

Dodge Street

This letter was delivered to BIHS before the Monday meeting and later copied to the Times—

At its August 29 work session, the Town Council unanimously adopted the following recommendation: “Recommendation to the parties in the medical center dispute to pursue mediation, in good faith and with due diligence.”

Approximately 85 members of the community were present and by their silence when the recommendation was addressed and adopted, those in attendance appeared to acquiesce in the recommendation except Mr. Conant, whose remarks were in line with his letter to the editor in the September 1 issue of the BI Times.

I have been told by Messrs. Stover and Saxon that they met with the proposed mediator known to you, and have accepted the mediator and agreed to mediate the matter. I hope the Board does the same: it is the only and irresistible alternative to the dispute being carried into what will likely be a highly charged and hostile public arena in an open meeting of the parties before the Town Council which will further disrupt the community.

As the members of the Board likely know, all discussions in the mediation are confidential and without prejudice and either party can withdraw at any time.

I urge you for the moment to put aside your views and feelings of however you may have been treated or dealt with while dealing directly with the other side, and to enter into the mediation with good faith, giving it a chance to work. I have urged Messrs. Stover and Saxon to do the same.

How fortunate are we to have such a highly respected, experienced, and competent mediator who has been part of the island community for many years, been served by the medical center, and agreed to serve, pro bono.

Richard Weisbroat

West Side Road

To: the Editor—

I would like to sincerely thank the residents and proprietors of New Shoreham for the outpouring of support for my recently completed Back to Block event.

The level of friendliness and community shown by the town reminded me of an America most people think existed only decades ago. Your town was a magnificent host for the guests the event brought. And, it is my sincere hope that many of those guests will return often based on the level of hospitality they received this past weekend.

I would like to personally thank John Leone and Old Harbor Bike & Moped Shop for the slips he donated to my crew members. A port in the storm was very much appreciated. I would like to thank Lew Gaffett, owner of Sandy’s House B&B, for donating rooms for my crew members, and I would like to thank Betty Lincoln for being an entertaining hostess. I would like to thank Kim Afonso, proprietor of Surf Hotel, for operating an extraordinarily efficient establishment with a wonderful New England atmosphere. I thank Gloria Redlich for her compelling narrative of my story.

Lastly, I would like to thank a special woman whom I never met: Janet Ziegler, who contacted me after reading Gloria’s article. Janet’s excitement about this event was infectious. Her excitement made me, my family and crew excited about getting to the island and hosting a party. Janet was instrumental in organizing donors to my cause and for creating interest in the event. Thank you, Janet. On behalf of my family and crew, I thank the residents of New Shoreham again and I look forward to many returns to the island.

Trent Theroux

Barrington, R.I.

To: the Editor—

The Block Island Lions Club held its 14th Annual Clambake on September 1. This is the club’s largest fundraiser (drawing between 250-300) and enables the Lions to continue to fulfill our philanthropic mission to help those in need on Block Island as well as to continue our support of community projects.

The monumental task of preparing 300 complete clam bake dinners and a BBQ on site would not have been possible without the support of the following individuals and businesses: Jim and John Mott and the Narragansett Inn, the BIVFD and Ladies Auxillary, The Sullivan House, B.I. Recycling Management, Robbie Brown, the Manisses and 1661 Inn, the Beachead, Peter Vican and Homestead Bakery, the Yellow Kittens, Club Soda, Red Bird Package Store, Rebecca’s and Coca-Cola, the Surf Hotel, and the Guillaume Trois (John Whitaker, Steve Lighty and Wild Bill).

A special thank you goes to the Lions Club members who have made this event what it is today: Shea Butcher, Geoff Hall, Glenn Hall, Ed McGovern, Pat Vaicaitis, Mary Lawless, John Desmarais and all the Lions who give their time and labor to the event annually. Lastly, thanks to all those who visited us on the lawn of the Narragansett to support the event. See you next year!

Chris Willi, President

Block Island Lions Club