Letters to the Editor

Thu, 03/04/2021 - 5:00pm

Perhaps it is all about who you know

To the Editor,

I hate to think corruption is alive and well in Rhode Island government but what is one supposed to think when a public agency such as the Coastal Resources Management Council, whose mission is to preserve and protect the coastal resources of the state and coordinate long-range planning and management, reaches a deal for marina expansion without a public record or public input? Last I checked, public agencies that protect and preserve the public interests are required to operate with transparency as the bare minimum standard. Perhaps they make bad decisions but no record of how the decision was reached and therefore no rationale given for the decision? Hmmm! Hard to appeal a decision absent a basis on which it was made. Where is the detailed evaluation of the environmental impacts of the expansion so the CRMC can adequately fulfill its responsibility of preserving and protecting the Great Salt Pond? Without doing too much research, the latest CRMC settlement reached in an executive session without a public record of its rationale just doesn’t pass the straight face test. Something is fishy to me!

Tricia Foley
Spring Street, B.I.