Letters to the Editor

Thu, 03/11/2021 - 5:30pm

Champlin’s agreement skirts environmental requirements

To the Editor,

As a year-round resident and member of the Shellfish Commission charged with protecting and enhancing Block Island’s shellfish resources, I find the December 7, 2020 Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the Coastal Resources Management Council (CRMC) and Champlin’s Realty Associates (Champlin’s) deeply disturbing. In his March 4 2021 opposition filing, the Rhode Island Attorney General described the MOU as “legally and factually deficient,” and cites the specific requirements in the coastal resources management plan (CRMP) that are “not met by Champlin’s expansion application, and not addressed in the recent MOU.” These unmet requirements were central to the denial of Champlin’s application in 2011 and were reaffirmed by the R.I. Superior Court in September 2020.

Among those requirements are impacts to “Wildlife, Public Access, and Conflicts with Other Uses.” Specific to our shellfish resources is a stipulation that “a follow-up survey be conducted” in the area of the proposed expansion – which was never done – and the AG cited (now retired) DEM biologist Arthur Ganz’s testimony, “that his studies had shown that there are shellfish resources in the area of the proposed Champlin’s marina expansion, and that the expansion would have a significant impact on those resources.” As stewards of our public shellfish resources, we should all oppose this end run around our lawful environmental protections.

George Davis
Seaweed Lane


Ferry booking suggestion

To the Editor,

Every year when the Block Island reservation line opens up for the summer car ferry bookings, the system is swamped with people calling in and results in a permanent busy signal, and a long wait on hold once you get through.

A simple solution to this annual dilemma would be to stagger the months the reservations are made. For example, reservations for June can be made in the first week of March, July the second week and August the third. This implementation would literally reduce the call volume by two thirds. In addition, have a designated number for the summer reservations and one for reservations outside of the summer.

Simple positive solutions that would not require expensive outlays.

David Threlkeld
Dragonfly, Blueberry Hill
Block Island


Thank you, BI Transfer Station

To the Editor,

During times of serious concerns and worry from Covid-19, along come your friends and neighbors to show all the ongoing graciousness of this island.

Headed to the Transfer Station on Saturday, I had some intrusion of a tire problem that was validated on my arrival as I emptied my vehicle, there was a flat left rear tire! While providing my German shepherd Sasha with a dog biscuit for a treat, Ms. June suggested checking with Sean if air was available for a shortterm cure.

Before 10 minutes had passed, the flat tire was checked, rejected for further use, the spare was put on by Sean and his team and I was set to go. I was amazed at the speed, efficiency and graciousness of all.

Thank you, thank you, Transfer Station. B.I. to the rescue!

Dean Brown
Old Mill Road


New record for blood donors

To the Editor,

What wonderful news. Our blood drive last week welcomed 42 donors and we received 36 units of blood. The Rhode Island Blood Center said that coast to coast, there has never been a blood crisis like this. In addition to ordinary needs that aren’t small, we have Covid. Also, Texas was shut down for many days and, as a result, many blood drives were canceled.

Accordingly, thanks first to all who donated. This is the second time that donors hit a new record. Certainly we thank the Blood Center workers who must get up very early to make the 8 a.m. boat. Thanks as well to Harbor Church for opening Fellowship Hall to us, and for all the assistance from Interstate Navigation for truck reservations.

Our next blood drive will be Thursday, May 6 at Harbor Church. If you have questions regarding eligibility, call (401) 453-8307.

Peter Greenman
Rhode Island Blood Center