Letters, Nov. 21, Thanksgiving issue, 2012

Tue, 11/27/2012 - 2:44pm

To: the Editor—

The write up about the island’s rat population rise mentioned that the “doirty” rats have no predators except for humans and the island’s hawk and owl population.

You should know that my four cats bring to my door at the very minimum three dead rats a week. And I reward them well with delicious treats.

Go get ‘em, boys.

John Henry Tripler

Center Road

To: the Editor—

The Block Island community owes Steve Land a debt of gratitude for what he did at the Coastal Resources Management Council hearing on Friday. His testimony, by far, was the best of the day showing the difference between the Payne’s expansion and the proposed Champlin’s.

He also held firm when the Champlin’s attorney, Mr. Goldberg, fired away at him trying to discredit him and his testimony. He knows his job and displayed his thorough knowledge of our harbors and marinas.

Thank you Steve.

Bill Penn and Donna Corey

Block Island Residents Association

To: the Editor—

I recently read that being grateful is not only the right thing to do, but it makes you healthier and happier. So, many thanks to all who made our 2012 Block Island Farmers’ Market season such a success. The Farmers’ Market provides a venue for island residents to sell their fresh produce, baked goods and crafts, all grown or handmade here on Block Island. Without the graciousness and generosity of many it would not be possible. We would like to offer special thanks to the following whose contributions make the Farmers’ Market possible: Justin Abrams and Steve and Rita Draper for providing us a home at the Manisses each Wednesday; Nancy Dodge and the Town of New Shoreham for the use of Negus Park each Saturday; the Block Island Power Company for providing our customers and vendors a place to park; Chief Carlone and his team for helping us keep the Farmers’ Market safe for all; and of course, thanks to all our loyal customers.

I feel so much better already. See you next season!

Dorrie Napoleone

Farmers’ Market Coordinator

To: the Editor—

We do not support the close-in wind farm. We do support the offshore wind farm.

We are supporters of renewable energy and recognize Block Island’s electric system challenge. But this is not the right solution. Our primary argument against is economic — that this is a much more expensive solution to Block Island’s problem than it needs to be.

It will also permanently impair the beautiful Southeast view shed — sacrificing the view for a private company’s venture. The island community has fought for years to preserve the beauty of the island from many forces of commercial development and we should not stop now to allow this when there is a viable alternate solution.

The power generated from the close-in wind farm will be chronically and significantly more expensive than other sources of power. This cost will be borne by ratepayers for as long as it is in operation. This cost is well over and above the cost of just installing a cable that would be a completely effective solution for Block Island’s power challenge.

We should build the cable now without the near-shore wind farm. This will solve Block Island’s needs at a much lower cost to RI ratepayers — and be the first link to the mainland for the offshore wind farm project. Deepwater should find a more economical way to validate the technology as needed and focus on the larger offshore wind farm where the power generated will be cost competitive with alternatives. This will achieve both goals of renewable energy and improved Block Island power without overburdening the Rhode Island ratepayers.

Jerry and Jenny Noonan

Southeast Point Road

To: the Editor—

The Lions Club is an international philanthropic organization founded in 1917 to fight blindness around the world. Today, the mission has broadened and encompasses more than 1.3 million members worldwide dedicated to helping their home communities as well as the world beyond.

Our Block Island Lions Club was founded 19 years ago — the charter members included Shea Butcher, Kevin Connor, John Connell, John Desmarais, Mark Emmanuelle, Scott Fowler, Gene Hall, Geoffrey Hall, Glen Hall, Annie Hall, Donald Logan, Vin McAloon, Ed McGovern, Steve McQueeny, Adrian Mitchell, Brian Neville, Ed O’Reilly, Bill Padien, Blake Phelan, James Sniffen, Ray Torrey, Tom Wilkinson, Richard Woolley and president Stan Balles.

Today we have 74 members who uphold the Lions commitment to helping serve the needs of Block Island and the world beyond. Past support by the Block Island Lions has extended to causes such as the Early Learning Center, Special Olympics, Easter Bunny, individual medical assistance, student study programs, B.I. Helping Hands Food Pantry, B.I. Fire and Rescue Squad, B.I. School Sailing Program, school workshops, Glaucoma Foundation, Hasbro Hospital, Ferry Fund, Haitian Relief Fund, B.I. Library Children’s Fund, Meeting Street School, Mary D. Fund, Camp Mohegan tuition, Camp Sunshine, Esta’s Park Renovation Project, B.I. Skating Rink, Community Center assistance, Double Enders July 4th Fireworks, Ronald McDonald House, Camp Hope, National Children’s Cancer Society, and Ball O-Brien Park. Since this chapter’s inception, more than $770,000 has been philanthropically allocated. This figure represents countless fundraisers and volunteer hours.

As the Block Island Lions Club enter its 20th year, we would like to thank all of you, the community of Block Island, for your support during these years. It is your support of the Lions Club that allows us to do what we do and makes our community a better place.

On behalf of the 74 Block Island Lions Club members, thank you and have a safe and happy holiday season!

Christopher Willi

Lions President

To: the Editor—

What better time than the holiday season to say thank you to year round residents for allowing Bud and I to share your magical island for 28 years? Your island will always remain for us the most intriguing place upon this earth.

As Willie Nelson phrases it, “funny how time slips away.” It seems like that proverbial yesterday when we sat down in what was the soon to be demolished Crown Cottage and talked to the designers Paul Kelly and Ed Dusek and builder Bob Closter.

It was the initial step in our dream of building a second home in the cluster development then rising at Trim’s Ridge. Although mainly used as a summer home, in all seasons we have gazed from our living room upon that view that enchanted us on that long ago afternoon. We never lost our awe at being the people who lived on the hill, grateful for the ever changing island light that mysteriously kept Trim’s Pond a continuous show of sparkle and shadow.

It was bittersweet when we sold last August. In an instant we went from beloved grandparents to family “meanies.” We knew it was the right time to sell, but we also knew there could never be a right time to part from people or places that one loves.

So even though I will leave out the names of far too many, here is a litany of thanks to all the wonderful year round residents who so enriched our island life:

Thank you to Mary D., and Linda and all the staff at the Block Island Health Center. Thank you Farmers’ Market artists and artisians, especially Pat for our scones, Linda for the strawberry rhubarb jam that topped them, the Comings for vegetables and flowers, and Peter for bangles and beads. Thank you to my St. Andrew community, especially for the privilege of knowing the late great Father Ray. Thank you to all the priests, ministers and rabbis who on this island, more than any place else I have ever lived, personify that lovely coming together word — “ecumenical.”

Thank you to my “dealers”: Sara, Margie, Claire, Joan, Jean, Mary Sue and all the lovely ladies who made me feel so welcome at Tuesday Bridge. Ditto to my husband’s tennis racquet buddies. Thank you to the Historical Society for preserving what was, and to the Block Island Conservancy and The Nature Conservancy for the preservation of what is now for generations to come. Thank you to the firemen and policeman who protected us, to the drivers who taxied us, to the barbershop quartets and countless musicians who entertained us, to the artists who inspired us, to the town workers that kept the roadsides tidy and the beaches pristine, and to the countless people, local and from far away lands, who waited on us in restaurants and shops.

As a consummate reader, thank you to Kristen, and her staff at the Island Free Library; to book seller extraordinary Cindy and to book finder Beth. Small town independent newspapers are almost extinct these days, so thank you to the Block Island Times for reminding me of what a loss this disappearing act is to community life coast to coast. I’m counting on my continued subscription to be my island touch stone.

Thank you to Blake and Michele for introducing us to Trim’s Ridge, Gail for her assistance with renters, Jenny and Jerry for their introductory seasonal bash, Howard for decades of winter watching, Tom for same, plus countless carpentry services, and to Dave, Peter, Tristan and all service providers.

Change is rare at Trim’s Ridge, so most of the 10 homeowners have summered together for nearly three decades. I know how disgustingly serendipitous this sounds, but “relio, trulio,” we think of each of the other nine homeowners as extended family. And although this thank you note was conceived for year round residents, our heart felt gratitude extends to the bestest neighbors ever!

I’m not good on good-byes but there is an old poem by Clarence Day that says all Bud and I wish to say. Here it is:

Farewell, my friends—farewell and hail!

I’m off to seek the Holy Grail.

I cannot tell you why.

Remember, please, when I am gone,

‘Twas Aspiration led me on.

Tiddlely-widdlely tootle-oo,

All I want is to stay with you,

But here I go. Good-bye.

Eunice Kelly

Trim’s Ridge